Friday, August 21, 2009


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Hailing from the province of Surigao Sur, the divine call to God's service came to a young man named WILDE E. ALMEDA, with newly wedded wife, LINA, in the late 1960s. Later to rise as the Philippines' leading Evangelist-Pastor, Wilde (pronounced as "Weeldee") was then afflicted with an acute insomnia owing to years of hard work in political campaigning for power and fortune.
Earlier Years: The JESUS Church anniversary celebration on 1978 at the YMCA Manila.
The JESUS Church anniversary celebration on 1978 at the YMCA Manila.
Hopeless through medical cure, the menacing disease caused him to be suicidal, until one day, a Christian shared to him the Word of GOD. He gave his heart to JESUS and instantly got healed of the curse he suffered for 6 long years. He then realized that the Gospel is true and that GOD answers prayer. From a former religious fanatic, womanizer and gambler, he was converted to true Christianity, and completely gave up his life of sin.

In obedience to GOD's call, the young couple started to embark on a spiritual journey, leaving behind their affluent political life which promised more wealth and social status, and gave up even all their source of livelihood — the gold and silver mining business, acres of fish pond and coconut plantation — which would have soon earned millions of money daily, choosing rather to follow the footsteps of the LORD JESUS in living an austere life, fully consecrated and dedicated to GOD.

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